Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Take them to the Iron Maiden", "Excellent." "to death..", "bogus!"

Heh, yup it was Iron Maiden…. Let me back up.


Flew in to NY on Saturday, to a Sinatra singing pilot.  NY is still the right place for me.  Pop and Anne came up and we went to a really cool Bodies exhibit.  Lots of interesting stats that I have already forgotten.  The last one that stuck in my mind was that you urinate an average of 12000 gallons, or about the size of a small pool, over your lifetime.  I will never look at Aunt Joy’s pool in quite the same way.  Some other ones were the size of your lungs.  Incidentally, our lungs have gotten an upgrade.  When I was about 13 I read an article that said the surface area of your lungs was the size of a tennis court.  Now we have been upgraded to half a football field.  Another interesting one was that we have 60000 miles of blood vessels in our body.  Maybe Pop and/or Anne can chime in w/ more interesting facts.  In any case, it was quite amazing seeing the body dissected in various ways.  At the end I even got a chance to hold a real brain, a liver, and a femur.


Worked all week and went out each night.  Thought I would have a quiet Friday night but started getting down on myself about staying in on a Friday night in NYC.  Mustered up the energy to hit the pool bar on the corner.  Met a few nice people and played some good games of pool.  I tend to look for fun shots now and managed to hit a bank then hit the 8 and a masse into the 8.  The bank was a lot of fun but the masse 8 made my night.  B(


Enter Iron Maiden.  As the details became clear, they had played continental arena earlier and then showed up at the bar I was at.  There was a bunch of people fighting for autographs and such.  They went straight back to the VIP area but the steady stream of old time rockers was amusement for the night.  Turns out one of the guys I was playing pool w/ works w/ Page 6.  Page 6 is the gossip column for the NY Post.  The NY Post is only generously called a news rag.  Besides my opinion of him dropping precipitously as he explained his sitting outside for hours waiting for a celebrity or being “assigned” to hook up w/ one of the Bush girls (and narrowly failing), his opinion of the power of his credentials was completely dashed as he was quickly negged by the VIP bouncer.  Ehh, don’t even like Iron Maiden, but it is always fun to see the random celeb.


Stayed out till two before I called it, gotta rest up for the pub crawl tomorrow.