Thursday, July 20, 2006

All for the love...

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Love parade rocked, err technoed? Ranking right up there w/ the best things I have ever done, I am really glad I went.

The pics show some of it, my camera died pretty quickly so I didn't get a lot of great ones.

Basically, they loaded a bunch of semis w/ dj equipment, a party area and a lot of speakers. There were at least 37 different semis that followed each other up and down the main drag in the park. Everybody picks their favorite sound out of the trucks and follows and dances. Every now and then you pass another semi coming the other way. If the other truck has a sound you like more, follow that truck.

Everybody was having a great time, one of the things they brag about is how few violent incidents there are and I believe it. I did see a few people down w/ medics but it looked like they had done it to themselves.

Anyway, Love Parade kicks ass. Everybody should go. Or come w/ us to the next world party we find, next year.

Zee German

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Berlin was a lot of fun. Saw Zee German (ralf) which was nice. He took us around on a tour one day and we saw most of Berlin, including some cool bars.

Berlin is a nice town, it was much nicer w/ a local guide. Didn't make it to the dark restaurant, guess that means I have to go back.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

a guy could get used to this...

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I really like the nederlands. It even looks nice on the flight in. Schipol is cool and modern. On the cab ride home I was trying to decide if I remembered being in a mercedes before. It was a really nice cab.

Tried to check in and hit a systems are down we can't check you in. At least it was a free drink. More world cup. France won. That game was annoying. Both teams were constantly falling over. The italy game the refs let em play and didn't call the falls. Much better game once the decided to play rather fall over looking for a restart. Hopefully we get the mexican ref so he will let them play out the cup.

When I got the room i was treated to a very nice hotel. Missing the living room of my dublin place this one supplemented with a plasma tv and a automated drapes. They still don't have the interface on the drapes right.

Steamed my jacket, worked like a dog for two days and (hopefully) got most of what I needed to, done

Hopefully I will retire the bb for awhile.

"it's always better on holiday."

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Thursday, July 06, 2006


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Nothing like 500 futbol fans screaming outside your window. It turns out I live above a neighborhood stalwart, Bar Italia. I came home Tuesday night to find the streets closed and 100s of fans partying outside my door in preparation for a great semi final. I had to pack (and it was like my second night in my place by myself) so I fought my way through the crowd and went upstairs. Listening to the crowd roar and groan I was pretty much able to follow the game until I heard a big groan and I thought Germany scored. I turned on the game in extra time and watched the next 20 mins. I could tell my feed was a few seconds ahead of the feed downstairs based on the screams and shouts of the crowd. It was quite cool, actually, when they scored I shouted and was echoed by the multitudes downstairs. Even after the game was over, the Italians celebrated their victory for hours. They were still at it at 12:30. The next time I checked though, around 1:30, the street was empty, cleaned and like nothing had happened. I wish I had seen the break up. It was probably b/c when I checked at 12:30 there was some idiot reving his scooter. As I watched it engaged the engine (accidentally, I assume) and nearly ran somebody down. Then he waded further into the crowd and started reving harder. I didn’t want to watch and just hoped I wouldn’t hear the screams.


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Hey Visitors… Yay…
Ig came from backpacking. Just in time for Europride. My neighborhood was closed down for a big gay time. Right, Gay as in fun. Well it looked like everybody was having fun. We tooled around there for awhile and then went to watch the England World Cup match. Rather amusing to see 100s of hardcore English fans screaming and Ian dozing in the midst of it. After the game we caught a play in regents park. The Taming of the Shrew. And yes I did have a “Wow, Shakespeare in London” moment.

Sunday was a trip to Camden and Regents park again. We tried to catch a bus to the Tate Museum and ended up at the Tate British rather than the Tate Modern. (Sorry Gwen). It was quite good and we topped the evening off w/ a drink in covenant garden w/ Mathew.

Small scheduling mishap had both Nik and Ig staying w/ me Monday night. Nik got in late so Ian and I hit the Hookah bar across the street to wait for him. Some hummus and vanilla tabac later, Nik showed up and we met up w/ his buddy, David, and Mathew for drinks. The 5 of us ended up on Charlotte st. (heh, new neighborhood and close to mine) for Asian and drinks. Matt left us and we hit a really cheesy hip hop bar for a late drink.

Nik said he was going to head out at like 5 in the morn to try to get Wimbledon tix. I wonder if he made it?