Saturday, July 08, 2006

a guy could get used to this...

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I really like the nederlands. It even looks nice on the flight in. Schipol is cool and modern. On the cab ride home I was trying to decide if I remembered being in a mercedes before. It was a really nice cab.

Tried to check in and hit a systems are down we can't check you in. At least it was a free drink. More world cup. France won. That game was annoying. Both teams were constantly falling over. The italy game the refs let em play and didn't call the falls. Much better game once the decided to play rather fall over looking for a restart. Hopefully we get the mexican ref so he will let them play out the cup.

When I got the room i was treated to a very nice hotel. Missing the living room of my dublin place this one supplemented with a plasma tv and a automated drapes. They still don't have the interface on the drapes right.

Steamed my jacket, worked like a dog for two days and (hopefully) got most of what I needed to, done

Hopefully I will retire the bb for awhile.

"it's always better on holiday."

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