Thursday, July 06, 2006


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Hey Visitors… Yay…
Ig came from backpacking. Just in time for Europride. My neighborhood was closed down for a big gay time. Right, Gay as in fun. Well it looked like everybody was having fun. We tooled around there for awhile and then went to watch the England World Cup match. Rather amusing to see 100s of hardcore English fans screaming and Ian dozing in the midst of it. After the game we caught a play in regents park. The Taming of the Shrew. And yes I did have a “Wow, Shakespeare in London” moment.

Sunday was a trip to Camden and Regents park again. We tried to catch a bus to the Tate Museum and ended up at the Tate British rather than the Tate Modern. (Sorry Gwen). It was quite good and we topped the evening off w/ a drink in covenant garden w/ Mathew.

Small scheduling mishap had both Nik and Ig staying w/ me Monday night. Nik got in late so Ian and I hit the Hookah bar across the street to wait for him. Some hummus and vanilla tabac later, Nik showed up and we met up w/ his buddy, David, and Mathew for drinks. The 5 of us ended up on Charlotte st. (heh, new neighborhood and close to mine) for Asian and drinks. Matt left us and we hit a really cheesy hip hop bar for a late drink.

Nik said he was going to head out at like 5 in the morn to try to get Wimbledon tix. I wonder if he made it?


  1. Nik slept through his alarm. Ian made it back to Brussels, where the Italy/Germany game was a rather quiet affair, unlike the France victory the following evening :)

    Both men are currently at large.

  2. Nik hustled over to Wimbledon and successfully queued for a ground pass, and even managed to snag a reserved seat on Court 2. Mostly junior players on the outside courts (probably better to queue in week 1 when these courts have fewer juniors), but Court 2 had some solid doubles (including Max Mirnyi and Jonas Bjorkman--who got knocked out by Federer in the men's singles semi's).