Thursday, July 20, 2006

All for the love...

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Love parade rocked, err technoed? Ranking right up there w/ the best things I have ever done, I am really glad I went.

The pics show some of it, my camera died pretty quickly so I didn't get a lot of great ones.

Basically, they loaded a bunch of semis w/ dj equipment, a party area and a lot of speakers. There were at least 37 different semis that followed each other up and down the main drag in the park. Everybody picks their favorite sound out of the trucks and follows and dances. Every now and then you pass another semi coming the other way. If the other truck has a sound you like more, follow that truck.

Everybody was having a great time, one of the things they brag about is how few violent incidents there are and I believe it. I did see a few people down w/ medics but it looked like they had done it to themselves.

Anyway, Love Parade kicks ass. Everybody should go. Or come w/ us to the next world party we find, next year.

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