Thursday, July 06, 2006


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Nothing like 500 futbol fans screaming outside your window. It turns out I live above a neighborhood stalwart, Bar Italia. I came home Tuesday night to find the streets closed and 100s of fans partying outside my door in preparation for a great semi final. I had to pack (and it was like my second night in my place by myself) so I fought my way through the crowd and went upstairs. Listening to the crowd roar and groan I was pretty much able to follow the game until I heard a big groan and I thought Germany scored. I turned on the game in extra time and watched the next 20 mins. I could tell my feed was a few seconds ahead of the feed downstairs based on the screams and shouts of the crowd. It was quite cool, actually, when they scored I shouted and was echoed by the multitudes downstairs. Even after the game was over, the Italians celebrated their victory for hours. They were still at it at 12:30. The next time I checked though, around 1:30, the street was empty, cleaned and like nothing had happened. I wish I had seen the break up. It was probably b/c when I checked at 12:30 there was some idiot reving his scooter. As I watched it engaged the engine (accidentally, I assume) and nearly ran somebody down. Then he waded further into the crowd and started reving harder. I didn’t want to watch and just hoped I wouldn’t hear the screams.

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