Friday, January 26, 2007

Holidays 06 (pt. 3)

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I woke up on New Years Day feeling really quite good about the world. Not sure why exactly, just happy and hopeful in general. This is going to be a good year.

We went back to the flying star for breakfast. By the time we gathered and made it through breakfast, it was time to head to the airport. I took Jay and Devoney on to the airport for flights that finally seemed like they were leaving.

Since I wasn’t sure that anybody was going to make it out of town, I wanted to stay in town until they were on the plane. This gave me a perfect opportunity to go see Theresa and Blayne’s new car dealership. More Seattle friends, they recently moved out to Abq. to start a car dealership. I got the full tour of the huge building they are setting up in. Still some work to be done but it looks like a good place and the location seems good. In a car dealership area, it is on San Mateo right next to the busiest intersection in … something. At least Abq. but that would probably also mean in NM. It was good to see them and I hung out for a bit. Met Blayne’s family finally. They had been living out Abq. while I knew Blayne in Seattle. Good to see everybody doing well.

Wanting to make sure I hit Taos before dark, I headed out in the mid afternoon. The roads ended up being more clear all the way up then they were in Abq. I think Abq. just doesn’t have enough plows.

Cruising back through Taos was nice. I was really sorry Jay didn’t make it up, I would have liked to show him Taos. Met up w/ a bunch of Taoseno’s at orlandos for dinner. Hung out next to the fire pit outside waiting for everybody to gather.

Headed up to the Pennington's after dinner. This is the house that always reminds me that I wanted a house of my own design. His father was in construction and it has great, thoughtful, well designed touches all over the house. And the views are amazing.

Everybody was still a bit rundown from new years so it was a mellow evening. Matt taught us a new game. The game was very fun. We divided into teams w/ about 4 people on each team. Everybody put 3 famous names (historical, celebrity, whatever) into a hat. Then for round, team A would have 1 minute to get their team to guess as many names as they could without saying the name, one point for each correct guess. After their minute, Team B would get the hat do the same thing. Once you go through the hat once, you put all the names back in and you have another minute to get your team to guess the same set of names, but this time you can only say one word for each clue. Round 3, is the same set of names but this time you have to pantomime. We played a couple of rounds, it was a good way to pass the evening.

Woke the next morning and headed out for breakfast burritos w/ Zach. He went to run errands and I went to find Rohm. Found him, home with his family, as hoped for… Another tough day, we hung out and chatted all day. It is always nice to see them, Rohm still has that easy smile.

Eventually, I headed over to Zachs to find Zach and Ian playing City of Heros. I jumped on for a second. Wow, that game is fun. I tell you, these massively multiplayer games are dangerous. I have to stay away for the same reason I stay away from Heroin. It is just so addictive. I know many people that play and only one that has managed to quit. Many have tried but few can kick the habit.

We headed over to the Taos Inn for a going away party. Pleasant dinner/chat and then back to Zachs to sleep.

Next morn, I went and found Ky’s new place. Another super cute family, he is living over by the hospital with his lady and two daughters. Hit El Taoseno for a breakfast burrito. I have been going to that restaurant for, what, 20 years? I think I have had not the breakfast burrito maybe 3 times. Afterwards we came back and played a bit on the computer. I put in Google earth and zoomed around the world with Tatayana.

Ky headed to work and I headed over to Rohm’s for another tough day. We even broke out the magic cards.

Back to Ky’s around 9, we stayed up late shooting pool in his computer room/den area. Another great time, hanging out w/ an old friend.

Woke the next morn a bit early so I could get a picture of Tata before she headed off to school. I think I was feeling better than Kayum this morning but not by much. We spent the morning on the couch. Eventually, it was time for me to get off my ass and head to Abq. for my flight.

Back in Abq. I stopped at a little market and picked up a bunch of chili before heading over to Theresa’s dealership for a bit. We gathered a large posse and went out for one last NM dinner. It was ohh so good but a week of nothing but food smothered in chili and cheese is taking its toll on my digestive system. I need a salad or something.

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