Monday, September 14, 2009

I hate computers OR unexpected results running powershell dos commands

You would think running a dos command from powershell would be simple right? I was trying to assemble a fairly complex command, run it and parse the results. (Trying to run TFPT from the Visual Studio powertools. This in it self was a work around so I could load 32 bit libraries in a x64 shell).

The command was pretty complex so I didn't realize where my problem truely was for some time after trying various invoke-expression/item, "&" running, cmd /c, etc.

I could not figure out why my command would run correct at the dos prompt but not work when running through cmd /c. Apparently, there is a VERY important little space that I wouldn't have thought would matter. Silly me.

$var = cmd /c " `"$TFPT`" workitem ..."
is not the same as
$var = cmd /c "`"$TFPT`" workitem ..."

It seems that the powershell processor needs that space for it to correctly pass the line to the cmd shell. I don't know why.

Hopefully this will help somebody out.

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