Monday, June 19, 2006

And free breakfast too

So, I put down a deposit on a place today. I am going to be living (approximately)here. Apparently I even get free coffee and breakfast b/c the same person owns this place and the Bar Italia. It is a bit of a walk up (4-5 floors) but it is smack dab in the middle of SoHo w/ all the nightlife and late night food I could need. (Also all the tourists but ahh well).

It is a one bedroom and I believe it has a pullout couch so get your ass over here to visit.

I was starting to twitch about this b/c if I hadn't found something early this week I wasn't sure if I would be able to go to Geneva this weekend. Whew.

Besides, I hate looking for places, it is just stressful.

I spent some time looking around Sloan Square on a recommendation. That place wasn't it. It was full of 5th ave/Madison Ave type shops, w/ no food. I have absolutely no use for those type of shops and what few restaurants there were were all uber pricey for those people who just need to waste their money to feel important. I did find a nice place but it was not an area I wanted to be in.

After I put down a deposit on a place I went to an appt I had up in the Shoreditch/Old Town area. Not as much in the middle of things but it was really nice. I found a place I would easily live in and it was about 20 quid a week cheaper. (roughly $150/mth). Had I not already put a deposit I probably would have taken either of the Shoreditch places. It isn't too bad though, when I was planning to come out here I was hoping to get a place in the Soho area and I expected to pay about what I am paying now. As I keep having to remind myself, be careful what you wish for, it may come true.

That is just sour grapes. I am fully expecting to enjoy this place. I could have saved as much as 200 lbs a month but it would have had to be too far out of town. Anyway, if i don't like it, I can break in 6 mths.


  1. O M G! What was that maze of words and squiggled lines that you instructed me to click HERE? It said "map", but how could it be? It looked to be more of a maze...Sounds like you are settling in. Miss you! -Carole

  2. Heh, I've been to London a couple times and I have no concrete idea where that is :). But I see Strand and I remember that as a fun place. Good luck! Maybe you could've negotiated free beer instead of free breakfast ;).

  3. Sounds like a great place. We will be coming as soon as you get clean sheets for the couch. So when we stay you won't have to sleep on the floor. Miss you.
    Love, Kramps