Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do I have to stop showering now?

Two days in UK and I am already heading to France. This was the point of coming over here, wasn’t it? (I am also heading to Geneva next weekend w/ Kevin and Mathew) A potential client bank in Paris wanted a face to face tech meeting so I said I would go. I am waiting for my delayed flight home as I type.

Caught a cab at 7am this morn and headed to the airport. Heathrow looks like a rich people mall. I met up w/ Vicki at the airport and we flew to gay Pari’. Good thing Vicki speaks French. Got in about 11:30 (GMT+1) and headed downtown. We got there about an hour early for the meeting so we went to lunch. Good cheese, good wine, the good parts of France.

The meeting could have been better, one of the tech guys was a real ball buster but it went OK. Looks like I am going to be out here again for the install. They want me out here for 3-4 days but I don’t think it will take more than one.

Since we finished early, we stopped at a café to get a drink and see if we could catch an early flight. Free wi-fi was easy to come by (point: paris). There was a flight in 45 mins that we knew we couldn’t make but we tried anyway. We got in and the cab driver started telling some story in French about how poorly his last fare was pronouncing things (they were American). He was laughing about it as he said it and the mood was jovial. I would have liked to hear him keep going, to get a real impression but Vicki gave it up that I was American as well.

Paris’ Charles de Gaul airport looks like a crappy regional airport. It is tiny. Maybe 200 yards from end to end. Albuquerque was much bigger, I kid you not. For a city the size of Paris, I am surprised at this. At least when I finally get to the gate area, they have real AC. First decent AC I have been in since I left the US.

Anyway, our early flight has been delayed so I sit here waiting. I can tell I am still not adjusted to the timeline b/c it isn’t until late afternoon here that my brain kicks in and starts thinking work. Generally, right around US work time. I am gonna have to get over that.

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