Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just a different attitude?

After a huge line at the stanisted customs our plane left about an hour late. Easy flight but odd take odd. He didn't accelerate. He seemed to be climbing very slowly and even cut the engines way back. We also banked a turn just a few k ft off the ground. I seriously thought we were going down. I am guessing this was to conserve gas.

We caught taxi to hotel and found out we were booked in the red light district. Easily a dozen street side prostitutes behind our hotel. We had a commanding view grom our third floor room. Nonody ever looks up, neither here or NY.

We decided to taker a walk land get a drink. About 30 mins later we had covered most of the town. Guide book says this is atown of 176 k people but locals say half a muillion. Either way, it isz tiny to walk around.

We ended up back near the hotel and got some good lebanese (think falafel) food.  Even more ladies of the night were out by now. The thing that has surprised me most is that there are stll normal girls hanging out in this area. Much different attitude I suppose.

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