Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So let me get this straight. Not only did the floight not start boarding until 90 mins late.  It also had to stop boarding in the middle when another flight arrived and needed to use the jetway.

So, next comes the flight. Terrible turbulence (maybe not the pilots fault), landing crooked and having to swerve wildly to stay on the runway (probably the pilots fault).

Then we can't get an actual terminal. Instead we have to park on the tarmack and takje a bus. The bus is there but we don't have any stairs to get off the plane. We finally get some stairs but they are on the wrong side of the plane and are unwieldy so "it is going to take some time" to manuver them into place.

"The saga continues" quoth the pilot. These stairs and the backup set are broken. So we are now waiting for another set from some other area. Given the speed of these stairs trucks, I am guessing I will get off this plane approximately never.
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  1. Nice. Sounds like your little London dream is working out just wonderfully so far. =\
    That's funny that the Paris airport was smaller than ABQ... you should just come back and live in Albuquerque man. What's wrong with you? Going off to some "foreign" country. Shit, you want foreign, just go to the South Valley, biotch!
    Anyway, things have been going well. Went dancing Thursday night at the big local goth night, which is actually pretty rockin'. I really like the music scene here in albuquerque. Gonna go see my favorite local band at the Launchpad in about 3 weeks--The Oktober People. You should check out their website, I think they've got a couple songs you can listen to on there. Really kick ass.

    Alright. Off to study, work out, study some more.