Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do I have to stop brushing my teeth now?


I made it.

Yup I am going to blog again (maybe).

The flight over was largely uneventful. Had to pay about 250$ extra to send everything over but that was about what I expected. One of my bags was teetering on the edge of the 70 lb limit but all worked out. Oh, by the way, never use 212 666 6666 car service. Once they showed up and we were half way there the driver hands me to his manager who tells me I have too many bags and I have to pay extra. It was too early to argue that much but fuck carmel, don’t use them.

Anyway, I made it over. I am staying on Cock lane. Everybody has had a good laugh about that one. Staying w/ one of the guys from the office while I look for a place. Places are expensive. Nothing really unexpected has happened up until now except that nobody in the EU knows of AC. Not only that but we are still working in big office buildings so there is no wind either. It is much hotter inside than outside which just fucking kills me as I drip sweat all day.

On the plus side I have set it up so I can send short little blackberry updates to this blog and get them posted. Maybe I will actually keep up w/ posting when I go random places.

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  1. Dewd, I had to make my own blog page just so I could comment on your Cock.
    I was on Cock lane this last weekend... otherwise known as the Pulse Night Club. lol. Had a great time dancing though.
    Alrighty, back to homework. Enjoy your Cock.